Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am Tired of This Winter

Finally a winter, unlike last year, but I am seriously tired of it.

Besides the cold and wet this the effect it has on the black gumbo soil in Victoria.

Having ceramic tile is a curse. Sure it looks nice, you don’t have to vacuum it like carpet and it doesn’t stain, but enough is enough.

After the first really cold spell, a section of tile “bowed up”. I removed the tile, clean the thin set off the slab, cleaned the back of the tile, reset and grouted the tile. Three weeks later another are of tile “bowed up”, I fixed it too. Last week another area of tile “bowed up”. Yesterday I did the final cleaning on that area, and thought to myself, tomorrow another area will do the same.

Low and behold, last night about midnight, I heard “popping”, yeah, I knew it, another area “bowed up”.

I am seriously thinking of a side line job in tile repair, I have had lots of experience lately.

GO AWAY LOWS IN THE 30˚ range and HIGHS IN THE 60˚ range.

I miss summer!!!

OK, I’m done for now.