Monday, September 19, 2011

There are still some good guys out there

Sometimes you make the right phone call and talk to the right person.

I had a touchscreen monitor go out on a piece of equipment, I called my distributor in Houston and talked to the tech then the parts person.

The parts person said a exchange monitor would cost roughly $450, a new one $1300, but they didn't have any and suggested I call their other locations in Dallas and San Antonio.

Dallas didn't have any either so I called SA, they didn't have any but transferred my call to their tech.

I told him the problem and he asks what manufacturer the monitor was and then says "Does the screen just come on for a second or two when you turn it on and then go blank?" I said exactly.

He says "There are two 470uf capacitors on the board that the power cord plugs into, change them."

Two thumbs up, that fixed the monitor for all of $1.42 and a hour or so of my time.

$450 vs $1.42? That's a no brainier!