Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lone Tree Creek Retention pond

Let me see if I have this right.

The Lone Tree Creek retention was built a quite few years ago. In fact the dirt from the pond was used to build the overpasses on Loop 463. How long ago was that?

Anyway, when the retention pond was proposed it was claimed that it would remove property from the flood zone. A study was voted on approved by the City Council to modify the flood plan map. Again, how long ago was that? At least 2001 if I remember right.

About 3 years ago, I asked my insurance agent that since the retention pond had been built at least five years before, that if a piece of property that is still in my name, still required flood insurance. He said "Well it's on the border line by the current 1981 maps, the city says they will apply to update the flood zone maps because of the retention pond. In other words, Yeah you still need flood insurance, the city hasn't modified the map.

TODAY, 5/19/2011, ten years later,a letter arrives from Atkins North American Inc., with the results of the study to modify the flood pain map, which basically says that "your property", not the one I asked about btw, has either changed from it previous flood plain status +1% or -1% for a hundred year flood.

To Quote...

"The BFE and floodway shall be revised from a point 1,550 feet downstream of the Southern Pacific Railroad to a point just downstream of John Stockbauer Drive. The LOMR will result in increases and decrease in the 1% annual chance of water-surface elevations with a maximum increas of 0.8 feet at a point approximately 350 upstream of Business 59 and a maximum decrease in the 1% annual water-surface elevation of 2.8 feet at a point approximately 900 feet upstream of Miori Lane. As a result of the floodway revision the floodway shall widen and/or narrow with a maximum widening of 710 feet at a point approximately 1,150 feet downstream of Airline Road and a maximum narrowing of 750 feet at a point approximately 1,250 feet upstream of Ben Jordon Street."

Did you get that????

The last sentence says... "Please feel free to contact Mr. John Johnston at 361-485-3320, at the City of Victoria, if you have any questions or concerns about the proposed changes or its effect on your property."

Now, how much did the city and county pay for this study that has taken 10 years to complete, and what exactly does it say? Guess I will have to call, but since the property wasn't in the flood plain before, why would it change after the retention pond was built?

Taxpayer funded studies are so much fun, I swear.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A golf ball update

The neighbor lady came to visit today, after small talk she complained about... GOLF BALLS!

I asked if they had a number on them, she pulled one out of her pocket it was numbered 48. She also said that a golf ball had broken one of her upstairs windows and the neighbors on the other side of her have found golf balls in their yard too.

I knew that air cannon thing was strong but geez, the culprits fire it from behind 710 and they land all the way at 702.

She asked for my collection of golf balls, asked if I knew where they came from, I complied with both requests.

So, she is going to make a report. She is the only one with actual damage, though a few feet to the right and I would have had head damage.

Anyway, it looks like, maybe, the great golf ball attack will at least be looked into.

(I,m glad I held off on the kitty litter revenge!)