Monday, May 2, 2011

A golf ball update

The neighbor lady came to visit today, after small talk she complained about... GOLF BALLS!

I asked if they had a number on them, she pulled one out of her pocket it was numbered 48. She also said that a golf ball had broken one of her upstairs windows and the neighbors on the other side of her have found golf balls in their yard too.

I knew that air cannon thing was strong but geez, the culprits fire it from behind 710 and they land all the way at 702.

She asked for my collection of golf balls, asked if I knew where they came from, I complied with both requests.

So, she is going to make a report. She is the only one with actual damage, though a few feet to the right and I would have had head damage.

Anyway, it looks like, maybe, the great golf ball attack will at least be looked into.

(I,m glad I held off on the kitty litter revenge!)


  1. That was fast... the policeman came to talk to me because he couldn't understand what Mrs. Harpin (the neighbor lady)meant.

    So he is on his way to the golf ball terrorist house as we speak. lol

  2. Keep us posted! I'm glad she reported. Right now it might be kind of funny, but property damage and even personal injury is not funny.

  3. A few months ago, we had a golf ball go through my son's window, located on the front of the house, and then, a few days later, we found a golf ball in the backyard. We are a neighborhood away from you and these golf balls weren't numbered. =/

    Oh that golf ball that went through his window got glass all over his room. In his sheets, on his back, all over his computer desk... He thought it was a bullet that went through his window.

  4. With the possible exception of Thor's descent into madness, this is much more interesting to read about than any Osama Obama Drama in the local rag