Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could this be the difference of the two new HS.?

A thought occurred to me, I don’t know if I am right or not, but events tend to lean toward the I am right side.

Before the debacle of consolidation of Stroman and VHS was corrected, stories and tales where told about a preference shown to some students over others, be it Football, Baseball, Band or virtually any group at Memorial High.

Now that we have two brand spanking new high schools, a few other schools, a state of the art auditorium and Natatorium coming soon, it seems to me that just maybe all the talk about about a preference being shown just might have been true.

Let’s be honest, most of the preferred students would be the ones from the higher end of Victoria s population. And it seems that a majority of those students ended up at West HS.

West HS received a brand new football coach, and lots of people thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. West also had the honor of having the National Award winning Drill Team instructor as a part of the faculty.

Well, we all know, so far how those selections have turned out.

At East HS, the bad old Memorial football coach was placed and the Drill Team started with a brand new instructor.

All the drama with the West Drill Team, and the better than any one thought results of the East football team point to one conclusion, IMO.

All the Memorial students that had to take a “back seat” to the preferred students are now showing how talented they really where all the time.

Once the “privileged” students moved to a campus where they can continue to be “privileged”, the true talent of the truly talented un privileged students is now reveled.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How my mom and Dad met

I know this won't mean much, except to me, but it is a tale of the way things changed because of WW2.

Before today, all my mom had told me about how her and my dad met had to do with when Patti Welder High School played Bloomington High School in a football game in 1943.

Being a Bloomington girl, she was mad that a Patti Welder player had broken a Bloomington players leg during the game. Understand that Bloomington had all of twelve players on their team, now down to eleven.

She got in my dads face and said, "How could you?", He said , "Hey that's the game."

Anyway, my dad graduated from Patti Welder at the end of the 43 year, and enrolled at Baylor.

He stayed at Baylor for about six months and, much to his moms disapproval, joined the Marines.

He ended up being stationed at Pearl Harbor as a Sargent when the Pacific war ended.

Ok, back to how my mom and dad really got together....

My dad came back to Victoria and drove to Bloomington one day, to look for a girl he use to know. He couldn't find her.

He saw my mom and stopped his car and asked her if she knew Annabelle, ( yeah I asked my mom if her name was Annabelle Lee, the Edgar Allen Poe one.)

Anyway, my mom tells him yeah, she is married and has a baby. Then he asks my mom if she wants to go get a coke.

51 years of marriage, four sons,eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren, here we are.

What a strange twist of fate, if I say so myself.