Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mom doesn't want a new TV!

My Moms 10 year old 27" Zenith console TV was showing its age.

On some channels, no matter what you tried, the color just wasn't right, and the sound was funky on every channel.

Her oldest grandson offered to buy her a new TV for Christmas, he has been complaining about it for over a year, she shot that down by saying " I don't want one of those TVs that hang on the wall or set on a table, I like my console TV."

So I broke out the measuring tape, then went to Tiger Direct.

Now Mom has a new 28" flat screen TV... and the best thing for her, she still has her console! A win all the way around.

The Damn trim out to longer than installing the TV in the console. LOL

Finished product shown above.