Saturday, April 30, 2011

Am I getting to be the old grouchy guy ?

For awhile I have found golf balls in the back yard.

I figured they came from the teenagers that live on Maplewood behind my house and they had hit a errant practice shot from their backyard to mine.

In the last two weeks the golf balls have been numbered, I thought, oh well no big deal.

Today I went out to dip the leaves, clean the filter and feed the fish in the Coy pond.

I heard a, not loud, bang, and a golf ball came sailing by through the Oak tree branches and about 8' from me.

I said,"Damn good shot."

And things got quite from whence the golf ball came.

Occasionally there are a couple of hawks that enjoy our bird bath, last summer I found a hawk dead in the backyard and a couple of weeks later, two dead doves.

At that time, again taking care of the fish, I heard a air rifle going off, I bitched at the kiddos that time and have not found anymore dead birds.

Back to the present, it is obvious that the new thrill is some kind of air cannon thing that shoots golf balls.

That seems like a expensive habit to me, after all the pictured golf balls are Titelest, Pinacle and other brand names that look brand new, they aren't range balls.

So I hope if they run out, or their dad figures out he is missing all his golf balls, this will end too. Although the balls numbered from 11 to 77 so far tells me they have a almost unlimited supply.

Anyone want to buy some golf balls? They are not getting them back!