Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Jungle Story

The top lion of the jungle ascended to his throne about 5 years ago.

The previous top Lion challenged him but alas the jungle inhabitants decided to choose a new leader.

Things went great for the new leader for a few years, all the lesser power lions agreed with ever decision he deemed correct.

Then a new, lesser power Lion manage to make it all the way into the inner circle, this little Lion would question some of the top Lions decisions.

Lo and behold, the jungle inhabitants decided to listen and elect new lesser power Lions.

One of the most trusted lesser Lions was replaced, this came as a great shock to the top Lion. But he felt secure in the election of a different lesser Lion he knew, and he assumed that that lesser Lion would agree with his views and all would be right in his view of the jungle.

At first,smiles and fair greetings were exchanged between the top Lion and the new lesser Lion.

But things weren't what them seemed, and the top Lion found himself dealing with the lesser Lions that expressed the true feeling of the jungle population.

What to do? Asked the top Lion to himself.

"I know" thought the top Lion, "I will keep making the lesser Lions vote over and over until they agree with me."

Little does the top Lion realize, or maybe he does and he won't accept it, that a new vision for the jungle has been embraced by it's inhabitants

Now the top Lion, faced with adversity, snarls, grunts, rolls his eyes, demeans the new lesser Lions and dreams of the way HE USE TO RULE THE JUNGLE.



  1. Very good! Enjoyed this.

    Thanks for joining us over here at Blogspot.

    Hope to see a lot more from you, and often.

    (you ought to be able to post updates to this for some time :p)