Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Money!

Well Gee thank you Nielsen ratings,

For the second time this year, the
Nielsen rating people have called, both times I told them I'm not interested, been there done that, it is a pain.

Both times they have sent the log book and the $5 cash, so thank you
Nielsen ratings, I will keep your money but I am not interested in filling out your log!


That's all!


  1. I've gotten $5 in the past. Last week, I only got $2 from Nielsen.

    But I have friends who laugh at me, and obviously have more money than they can use, and tell me they just drop it in the trash.

    I tell them to call me, I'll take it.

    And Nielsen is not the only survey that includes money. It pays to open the envelope before you trash it.

  2. The last two times we participated they paid us $10.00.