Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are pet's worth the heartache? Yeah they are, but it still hurts

I write this blog tonight with sorrow in my heart.

Captain Hook, the dog on my avatar, we had to put down, we knew it was time.

About three weeks ago a friend of the family called and said that they had found a little kitten of off I-45 in Pasadena and would we like it. We said yes, so we now had Sissy cat, a half Siamese blue eyed cute little kitten.

The first name we thought about was Dena, for Pasadena, but we decided on Sissy, you know the name of Travolta s girlfriend in Urban Cowboy which was filmed in Pasadena.

The little cat was a character. She loved to play with anything, from a crumpled up piece of newspaper to empty pill bottles.

In the living room we had one of the big Japanese fishing floats, ( the big glass ones with a net around them), setting on a table.

Somehow, I guess, Sissy cat climbed on the table and on the fishing float. The fishing float rolled off the table.
And, well, let's just say it was a sad site to see.

Rest in peace Sissy cat, we didn't know you for long but you where a joy while you where here.

Ok, I gotta go mourn my little friend some more.


  1. So sorry about the kitty. It's never easy to lose a pet, no matter how long you had the pleasure of their company.

  2. Thank you EA, I'm going to miss the little white face and blue eyes looking at me when I eat.

    The "funeral" will be tomorrow, it's a sad time here at the house.

  3. A update about pets on a new blog...