Sunday, July 13, 2014

Things I knew and forgot

 Now that my daughter and my grand kids have moved out, a little looking back is in order.

  When Megan, my daughter, was little she would get into things as kids usually do. Everything from standing on top of  a overturned aquarium which required a trip to the ER and 9 stitches to telling me she hated me for dispensing a little discipline, when she was 3.

  That was about the same year she wandered off and had quite a few neighbors looking for her. She showed back up semi-wet and dirty and said she just went to see the Moo Cows in the pasture next door.

 When Megan and Anaya, my grand child moved in, I was reminded of little girls mischief, plus Megan was expecting her second child, a boy,in a couple of months.

Anaya s mischief, at 6 years old, if there is a pen, marker, expensive paint brushes and large tubes of oil and acrylic paint that go missing... they will be in her room, uncleaned (ruined) brushes and paint tubes left open more or less ruined too.

 Toilet paper to a little girl is something to be used at every opportunity and liberally. A fourth of a roll for one trip to the toilet is not unheard of. 

 I USE to think that dried egg on a plate was the absolute worse thing to clean off said plate. Wrong! I am now convinced that Fruity Pebbles has to be a spawn of the devil, designed to aggravate anyone who washes cereal bowls, even a three hour soak won't dislodge that stuff.

 If there is mommys nail polish and polish remover around it won't be around for long. Anaya painted and cleaned off her nails four times a day at least, I guess she couldn't get it right!  Kinda like her  mom shaving her legs at 4 years old huh?

 Once my grandson Braedyn arrived, Anaya helped out... for about a month or two. Then she started to go see what grandpa is doing.That lasted about four months then Braedyn was sorta fun to be around with again. Overall she has been a good sister as far as that goes, ya'll know siblings, there's always a little something"there". lol

 Once Braedyn was mobile, first crawling then walking, he would scoot down the hall, peek in my door and come on in to my room, while of course picking up everything he found on the floor and putting in his mouth on the way.

 Now that they have found a house of their own, I have to admit I miss the little guy peeking in my room and Anaya s 7 year old shenanigans. 










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  1. Glad to see you posting again, Legion. It's been far too long. I know you treasure those moments with your loved ones; they grow up way too fast.