Friday, December 24, 2010

A Early Gift..

The people that brought us the other little kitty decided it was time we adopted another. This time they went to Adopt A Pet here in Victoria and gave us this character yesterday for Christmas.

The shelter called her Addison, since we haven't thought of a better name, I guess that's it.

She is a lovey dovey young cat so far, with some of the most golden eyes I've ever seen on a cat.

When we talked about the last kitten, the person who brought us both of them said, " The last one wouldn't have lived another day by itself on the side of I-45, she had a good, but short life, but her accident has made room for another young cat searching for a home."

I don't think anyone could have said anything more fitting and that meant as much.


  1. Well, Congratulations!

    She is a beauty.

    I would call her Christmas Kitty, but she's not my cat.

  2. That was a good idea for a name EA, though we modified it a little, Chrissy D (mess). Actually I think she thinks her name is NO!, about now.

    But she is learning what no means, so far so good. lol

  3. Congrats on the kitty! If you need/want more, let me know, I have many adult cats that would make great nannies & keep them little ones in line!