Saturday, December 11, 2010

South Texas Roadrunner travels

Over the last three months I have been privileged to observe the travels of, I guess I'll call him, the Weesatche roadrunner or Head East, like the 80's band, it fits.

Once a week I travel to the Weesatche Cafe and Hall in my business travels.

About three months ago, I drove up and there was a Roadrunner hanging out in the parking lot, it didn't seem afraid of people or the tomcat that was 20 yards away resting, and not worried about the bird.

Since this was the summertime, and I have been to cheap to fix the AC in my truck, I left my windows down.
I went in the Hall, did my business and commented to the owner Scott about the roadrunner in the parking lot and how the tomcat ignored it.

He told me that the roadrunner had been hanging out for a few weeks, that at first the cat tried it's best to catch it, but failed every time and had given up. I guess the cat was smarter than Wiley Coyote!

I went out to leave, and the roadrunner was in my truck! Unfortunately so was my cell phone with the camera.

I opened my drivers door and the roadrunner jumped in the back seat, extended cab truck, he/she was looking all proud standing there I have to admit.

I walked around to the passenger side, open the front door and the little back door, the roadrunner went to the driver side, so I walked back around to the drivers side and the roadrunner exited my truck.

The next week the roadrunner was in the parking lot, I rolled my windows up. the week after that, no roadrunner in the parking lot.

For the next five weeks, no roadrunner and Scott said he hadn't seen it either.

Three weeks ago when I went to Weesatche, no roadrunner either, but on my way back I saw the roadrunner, about a mile away on FM 884.

The next week I didn't see him, but last Wednesday, there he/she was again, four miles further down the road, almost at the Hwy 183 intersection, heading east.

What a bird, not only did he/she check out my trucks interior, it follows the roads I travel.

On the map is where I have seen the fowl, it's about 6 miles from Weesatche to the Google locater thing.


  1. How cool! The little roadrunner is a traveler! Who knew?

    You will have to keep us posted as to where you see him.

  2. There is one that hangs out on the bayfront here in Seadrift near my folks' place as well. Just struts around seemingly oblivious to the folks around him/her. I regard him as I do lightning bugs and horned toads - a Texas blessing and maybe a bit of a good luck charm. Beep Beep........

  3. To see a roadrunner must be good luck; at least it always makes you smile. They're smart, quirky birds with a lot of personality.